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The Dragon Gate 18001

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Chinese Cultural Icon: The Dragon Gate
Civil service examinations were perceived to be the most effective way to alter one’s fate in the ancient China. The set depicts the scenery of a carp leaping through the dragon's gate, meaning that someone is going to succeed in the civil service examination.
( Message for advanced block builder: challenge yourself to see if you could finish it within 6 hours )

Why should you own this set?
  • Massive set - a must-have item for advanced block builder
  • Symbolizing Good Luck - A gift for your beloved ones
  • Vivid colour usage for display
  • Authentic details of a lively gigantic carp.

Model: Pantasy 18001
Dimensions: 34*22*30.5cm
Estimated Time for Assembly: 9 hours

Shipping Time: 10 - 15 business days delivery

After-sale Services: 7 days guarantee, return & refund supported

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