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Aerospace | Building Dreams Among the Stars, Embarking on Future Voyages


Aerospace, this towering milestone of human technological advancement, has perennially captivated countless individuals with its promise of gazing upon the celestial expanse and pursuing the unknown dream. Pantasy, with its keen sensitivity to humanity's yearning for the vast universe and curiosity about aerospace technology, has devotedly launched a series of space-themed building block products. Through meticulously restored aircraft models and space scenarios, these offerings provide aspiring space enthusiasts with an immersive exploration experience that is now within reach.


1.LANDSPACE Space Rocket Dream Lab


Pantasy bricks joins forces with Landspace, a leading Chinese private aerospace enterprise, to passionately create an innovative space-themed masterpiece: the "Landspace Rocket Dream Lab" building block set. This ingeniously crafted product seamlessly integrates science education with enjoyable assembly, aiming to guide players into the enigmatic realm of aerospace, where they can personally construct and gain in-depth understanding of "Zhuque-2," China's developed advanced launch vehicle.


Authentic Replication, Saluting Aerospace Technology: The“LANDSPACE Space Rocket Dream Lab”takes as its prototype the "Zhuque-2," the world's first successfully orbit-launched liquid oxygen-methane carrier rocket developed by Landspace Aerospace. It adheres strictly to real-world parameters for precise scale reproduction.


Immersive Construction, Exploring Rocket Manufacturing: The set innovatively presents an immersive, scenario-based construction experience encompassing the entire rocket manufacturing process, including key facilities like test platforms, assembly workshops, and launch towers. As players build, they are transported to a virtual rocket production site, witnessing step-by-step the progression from component assembly to complete rocket integration, from ground testing to final launch.





The CSAIR ARJ21 Brick Set, modeled after the ARJ21-700 aircraft, adheres strictly to actual specifications, proportionally presenting the defining features of this aviation masterpiece.


Masterfully Restoring the ARJ21-700:  The set ingeniously restores the aircraft's dual four-section fuselage design, accurately capturing its streamlined contours. It meticulously depicts the high-mounted horizontal stabilizer configuration, vividly exemplifying the superior aerodynamics of the passenger jet. Two standalone turbofan engine models are included, seamlessly integrated with the airframe, meticulously emulating the ARJ21-700's robust powerplant, allowing players to delve deeply into the intricacies of modern aerospace propulsion technology during assembly.


Interactive Assembly Unveils Inner Workings:  A detachable engine model is specially incorporated within the set, enhancing overall visual appeal while granting enthusiasts a rare opportunity for close examination and study of the engine's internal architecture. This hands-on exploration brings to life the extraordinary allure of aerospace technology.


Narrative Play through Contextual Building:  Accompanying the set are an airport tow truck and two ground crew minifigures, which enrich scene details and afford users the freedom to creatively arrange and authentically reenact the entire process of aircraft maintenance and operations, crafting an immersive building experience. Each play session transforms into an enthralling tale of aviation, seamlessly blending education and entertainment, profoundly igniting passion for aerospace knowledge and the spirit of exploration.


 3.XIAMENAIR Dream Wings 787


With an approximate body size of 55cm, this block set restores the iconic features of the Boeing 787, making it a great gift for friends and family, as well as a great decoration to your home.


The blocks accurately restores the Boeing 787's low resistance tail, sloping winglets and precision landing gear, and the cabin layout follows the logic of the real aircraft, showing the craftsmanship in every detail. The aircraft's livery is applied using advanced pad printing techniques, imbuing the model with exquisite visual appeal and elevating its overall sense of refinement and grandeur.


The set includes a removable display stand to ensure the model stands securely on a desktop, turning it into an eye-catching centerpiece whether placed in a quiet corner of a study or as the focal point of a living room. Each set comes with a complimentary commemorative plaque, engraved with the model's type and serial information, conferring a unique collectible identity and instantly enhancing its value and sense of exclusivity.

 4.Aircraft Engine Maintenance Workshop


In a market crowded with construction toy sets primarily focused on space shuttle bodies,  Pantasy designers have chosen a distinctive path, shifting the spotlight to an oft-overlooked aspect: the aircraft engine maintenance workshop. They vividly restore the professional setting of such a workshop using building blocks, paying homage to each unsung hero who tirelessly contributes to ensuring aerospace safety behind the scenes.


The Boeing 777 GE-90 Engine, Precision Replicated: The set accurately restores the GE-90 commercial engine used in the Boeing 777 airliner, meticulously replicating its exterior details. During assembly, players can engage with ingeniously designed features that simulate the intricate operations of its high-speed fan blades, subtly imparting a wealth of aerospace knowledge and providing a hands-on learning experience filled with fun. 


Dynamic Interaction, Immersive Experience: The set comes equipped with realistic engine stands and a smart trolley, featuring an articulated arm control system that allows players to easily simulate receiving and releasing the engine, mimicking actual maintenance procedures. The stand itself also employs an articulated arm for lifting and lowering, combined with quick-release mechanisms on the hoist, enabling users to deftly control both the lifting and disassembly of the engine.


Pantasy's Aerospace Series has garnered enthusiastic acclaim and high recognition from a broad spectrum of players through its carefully curated theme sets and the deep integration of science education elements. This series of building block products not only satisfies people's thirst for exploring space knowledge but also innovatively engages them through interactive means, allowing every player with a passion for spaceflight to personally construct their dream spacecraft, experiencing the allure of aerospace technology, comprehending the rigor of aerospace engineering, and appreciating the value of spaceflight safety.

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