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Eastern Inspiration | An Innovative Journey of Modern Inheritance for Eastern Culture


Pantasy Building Blocks deeply understands that the unique allure of Eastern culture stems from its profound foundation, extensive and profound connotations, as well as the treasured legacy passed down through generations. As an enterprise dedicated to the preservation and promotion of China's outstanding traditional culture, Pantasy Building Blocks harnesses innovation as its driving force, meticulously integrating a variety of elements rich in auspicious symbolism, historical anecdotes, mythological tales, and folk symbols into their building block designs.


1. Treasure Bowl


Wealth Attracting Treasure Bowl: Pantasy’s Treasure Bowl Building Block Set draws inspiration from the "Treasure Bowl" in Chinese traditional culture, symbolizing the attraction of wealth and an unbroken flow of prosperity.

Congregation of Auspicious Symbols: The building blocks ingeniously combine multiple symbols of good fortune such as peach blossom trees, lion dance figures, large copper coins, red firecrackers, bamboo stalks, lanterns, and Chinese knots, all loaded with Lunar New Year greetings and aspirations. The centerpiece golden coin utilizes a rare spray gold technique, every single golden piece is meticulously hand-polished by artisans to ensure that its luster and texture are impeccable.

Personalized New Year Displays: Accompanying the set are five customized Spring Festival couplets, meticulously designed based on different New Year's visions to cater to individualized display needs. Whether it's a home living room, a study corner, a personal office desk, or a company reception area, there is a complementary couplet arrangement available to create a uniquely stylish New Year ambiance.

2. Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate


The block scene originates from the Chinese myth that has been passed down for thousands of years, which carries the ancient people's desire for "being success", and now it has become a high-frequency idiom for modern people to convey their good wishes. As the first consumer co-creation of Pantasy, it not only occupies a milestone position in the brand's development history, but also embodies Pantasy's innovative spirit of listening to users' voices and co-creating high-quality products.


The co-creation journey - remembering contributions: Pantasy took 361 design suggestions from thousands of players, and when the final product was completed, the social media nicknames and avatars of these players were added to the product specification and awarded co-creation certificates.


Mythological recreation - living fable: "Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate" blocks vividly restore the scene of a scholar going to the capital to take the examination and encountering the spectacle of carp jumping, skilfully combining myth and legend with traditional culture, implying the scholar's success in the imperial examinations and a bright career. The carp can be disassembled and reassembled into two forms: a half leap on the water and a full leap, the creative design makes the static scene vivid and full of vitality and enterprise.


The details show the craftsmanship: the architecture of the Dragon Gate is based on the typical style of "three rooms, four pillars and three floors" in ancient Chinese architecture, strictly following the ancient architectural rules and regulations, and displaying a deep historical heritage and artistic beauty. The scene design integrates elements of architecture, landscape, flowers and trees to create a richly layered, staggered spatial landscape. The irregular base plate simulates the winding river, supplemented by transparent parts to simulate the waves, vividly restoring the scene of carp swimming against the current and jumping through the Dragon Gate.


3. Fortune Dragon Ship


Dragon Year Chinese-Style Sailing Ship Theme: Pantasy has created a rare, collectible 52 cm Chinese-style sailing ship made of building blocks. At the bow stands a majestic dragon, artfully blended with elements like ingots, windmills, and treasure chests, symbolising an abundance of wealth rolling in.

Mechanical Intricacies Aboard the Hull: The ship's body houses a cleverly designed mechanical linkage system. When you push the treasure chest, horse-drawn carriage lamp, and propeller, they all rotate in sync, which shows a grand sailing spectacle. There's a mechanism in the mysterious cabin that opens the "Lion Dance Head" door at the bottom when you press it gently. This releases a koi fish fireworks rocket, which symbolises good luck, happiness, and consecutive good fortune.

Comprising Six Mini-Figures for a Family: The set vividly portrays a joyful Chinese New Year reunion scene, infusing the creation with a strong sense of daily life and warmth. The interaction between the mini-figures and the sailing ship adds layers of fun and storytelling to each viewing moment.


4. Dragon Fan



Fortune and Good Luck Diorama: Pantasy has created a Chinese style art and good luck ornament to celebrate the 2024 Year of the Dragon. This three-dimensional painting uses a folding fan, a symbol of wealth and good luck, as the panel, and vividly depicts a green dragon circling the clouds, signifying a new year full of good luck and prosperity.

Multi-layered details of fortune and prosperity: the exquisite use of building blocks to restore the rich symbols of Chinese New Year in three dimensions: glittering Chinese knots, a wide range of New Year's goods, the God of Wealth and Fortune, far-reaching words of good luck, and leaping koi carp, to create a layered, joyful and prosperous New Year's spectacle.

Lighting up the four seasons of wealth: Built-in LED light-emitting components, when you touch the switch on the base, the fortune lantern lights up instantly, glittering in red, implying a prosperous home and four seasons of wealth, adding a warm and auspicious atmosphere to life.


5. Zodiac Square-Head Series


Drawing inspiration from China's traditional Twelve Zodiac Animals, Pantasy has created a series of adorable and culturally rich character designs in its Square-Head Collection.


Eastern Inspiration Series has garnered widespread acclaim from both consumers and industry insiders alike for its precise grasp of Eastern traditional culture, its ingenious design philosophy, and seamless integration with modern building block craftsmanship. This collection has become a popular choice for festival decorations, parent-child activities, and personal collections, while also establishing a distinctive and highly recognizable brand image in both Chinese and international markets.

Eastern Inspiration Series not only reflects a commitment to upholding and cherishing local cultural roots but also showcases the brand's wisdom in being innovative and responsive to consumer needs. By innovating within tradition and preserving heritage through innovation, this series serves as a vibrant example for the toy industry on how to effectively mine and revitalize traditional cultural resources. The products have not only sparked attention and resonance with regard to traditional culture but also have ignited a sense of identification and pride in the fine traditions of China among the general public, particularly the younger generation. This approach powerfully promotes the popularization and continuation of traditional culture in modern society.


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