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My Own Swordsman丨Restoring the Warmth of Seven Hero Town


In 2022, Pantasy was exceptionally honored to partner with the pinnacle of domestic sitcoms, 'My Own Swordsman' , obtaining its exclusive global license. For Pantasy, this is not merely recognition, but also a heartfelt sentiment and a profound responsibility.


 1. Tong Fu Inn


Official licensed, Collector's Masterpiece:The groundbreaking Chinese sitcom 'My Own Swordsman' launches its inaugural licensed products in the form of a collectible, premium brick set, globally exclusive and officially endorsed.


Artisanal Replication, Nostalgic Revival :Every single brick thoughtfully laid, meticulously recreating the iconic scenes within and without the Tongfu Inn. Lv Xiucai's counter, the century-old stairs weathered by time, the long feasting table echoing with laughter, and the rustic stone mill in the backyard – each element meticulously detailed, stirring deep emotional resonance among drama enthusiasts. The set is further enhanced with classic props from the show, such as Tong Xiangyu's bronze mirror, Lv Xiucai's 'Hero of Guanzhong' plaque, and Li Dazui's infamous 'cuisine', allowing players to personally reconstruct those hilarious and heartwarming on-screen moments.


Interactive Mechanisms, Endless Playfulness: Ingeniously designed for quick assembly and disassembly of the stairs; a dynamic mechanism that emulates Guo Furong's signature move, 'Mountain Pushing Sea Overturning', infusing the scene with vibrant life. The semi-open spatial design alleviates repetitive building tasks, augmenting visual appreciation and play enjoyment.


Galore Easter Eggs, Continuous Delights: Surprise Easter eggs nestled everywhere: Xiucai's 'The Analects', the 'Hero of Guanzhong' token, get-out-of-jail-free token... The set abounds with delightful surprises, intended to delight players along their journey.


Nearly 100 Printed Pieces, Bursting with Details: Close to a hundred exquisite printed components, delicately rendering every nuance of the inn: notices and couplets hanging above the entrance, curtains, wine bottles, screens, all contributing to an immersive martial arts world atmosphere. Accompanied by a full ensemble of 14 classic character mini-figures, 12 of which feature dual expressions, vividly expressing the joys and sorrows of the characters. Each figure comes with its unique prop and a customized posing stand, empowering you to recreate your favorite scenes and reenact classic lines at will.

 2.Tong Fu Inn Backyard


Dedicated to Fans, Expanded Collection: Following the 'My Own Swordsman' Tongfu Inn scene, Pantasy presents the sequel — 'Tongfu Inn Backyard', comprehensively expanded and upgraded, reviving the warm corners and hilarious moments from the series.


Five Themed Zones, Iconic Scenes Restored: Selecting five locations from the show, it meticulously constructs the backyard, female dormitory, male dormitory, kitchen, and tea shop, fully depicting the minutiae of life at Tongfu Inn. The backyard hosts numerous memorable scenes, with the male and female dormitories concealing abundant Easter eggs. The kitchen stage is set for culinary spectacles, while Xiaomi's tea shop serves as an ideal spot for casual chatter. Introducing 10 additional deeply cherished supporting character mini-figures, 9 of which feature dual-sided expressions and come equipped with personalized props, enhancing player's reenactment of classic scenes.


Dynamic Mechanisms, Enhanced Interactive Experience: The stove incorporates a built-in lighting component, illuminating with a single touch to authentically simulate fire, bringing cooking scenes to life. The ingeniously designed female dormitory is detachable, offering multiple layout options and playstyles, granting players ample creative freedom.


Printed Pieces, Exquisite Easter Eggs:Boasting 53 meticulously printed parts, it finely depicts details throughout the backyard and rooms, such as posters, couplets, door deity, books, and more. Each detail embodies meticulous craftsmanship. The set is brimming with delightful surprises, from the overall room layouts down to the calligraphy on walls, Da Zui's dark iron cleaver, or Xiao Guo's firecrackers. Every nook and cranny holds a delightful secret, ensuring a surprising and joyful building experience for all.


 3.Tavern Gate


Classic Restoration: Faithfully restoring the iconic entrance of Tongfu Inn, this design instantly transports player back to that jovial and laughter-filled Jianghu. 


Six Main Characters, Authentically restoration: The set includes six core character mini-figures, each meticulously to their classic appearances from the show. Every figure boasts dual-sided expressions, vividly expressing the personalities of the characters. Furthermore, they come with identity-specific accessories such as Tong Xiangyu's abacus, Bai Zhantang's folding fan, and Guo Furong's embroidered pouch, significantly enhancing the amusement factor of the scenes.


Exquisite Printed Pieces, Supreme Quality Finish: All patterns featured in the product are realized through exquisite printed parts, elevating the assembly experience and ensuring the finished model appears with a lasting freshness.

 4.My Own Swordsman: Square Head Series


Compact Elegance, Desktop Companion:With adorable designs, this series vividly brings to life six key characters from the show: Tong Xiangyu, Bai Zhantang, Guo Furong, Lv Qinghou, Mo Xiaobei, and Li Dazui. Each character is charmingly rendered in a cute style, exuding both charm and individuality, making them standout centerpieces for any desk display.


Full Printing, Character-Specific Props:Each character comes equipped with their unique identity props, crafted with full printing techniques to ensure crisp details and a lifelike texture. 


Panatsy has dedicatedly crafted the 'My Own Swordsman' series of building blocks which, through its precise capture and ultimate recreation of the classic sitcom, sparked heated discussions on social media platforms upon release, garnering widespread acclaim from devoted fans. The debut set "Tongfu Inn Scene Building Blocks," was honored as an outstanding product in the Toy and Pop Culture category on Alibaba in 2022.


We are fully aware of the immense responsibility, and thus, we pour infinite craftsmanship and meticulous attention into every detail of the design, assembly experience, and product content. Our aim is to pay the sincerest tribute to the original work, vividly recreating that singular, joyous, and heartwarming martial arts world.

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