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EXPO | Pantasy in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair with New 'Kung Fu Panda' Series products


The 50th Hong Kong Toy & Games Fair, as one of the most influential industry events in Asia, was grandly held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from January 8th to 11th, 2024. The fair is not only an important platform for global manufacturers of toys, games, and creative products to showcase new products and negotiate business, but also a barometer of  toy industry trends. It brought together over 2,600 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions, showcasing a strong and diverse lineup that reflects the latest trends and innovative achievements in the international toy industry.

Pantasy, as one of the rising stars in the trendy toy market, captured the attention of many visitors once again with its unique creativity and exquisite products at this year's Hong Kong Toy & Games Fair, constructing a nostalgic world of building blocks.

This is Pantasy's second participation in this international toy fair. They showcased a variety of classic products that are widely popular worldwide, including a variety of officially licensed sets in partnership with renowned IPs such as Astro Boy, Saint Seiya, Popeye, and Le Petit Prince, etc. These building block sets vividly recreate the unique characters and story scenes of each IP, earning immense love from toy enthusiasts. 

 In addition, Pantasy's original series of building blocks also performed impressively at this exhibition. The Retro  Collection pays homage to classics by recreating iconic vintage items in building blocks, awakening collective memories of past generations. Moreover, it breaks through the physical barriers of building blocks to achieve interactive functional experiences in the finished products through ingenious design.

The Steampunk Series ingeniously combined industrial aesthetics with science fiction, featuring characteristic elements like gears and pipes, along with multiple interconnected mechanisms that garnered praise for their high playability.

 It's worth noting that their booth also showcased a variety of new products collaborating with the popular animated film "Kung Fu Panda." With the upcoming release of movie"Kung Fu Panda 4," these specially designed Kung Fu Panda-themed building block sets became the highlight of the fair, attracting considerable attention from fans and toy enthusiasts.

 Pantasy's exhibits include "Kung Fu Panda  Spring Festival Special Edition", which combines classic elements from the movie "Kung Fu Panda" and Chinese New Year. There are also Sitting Baby Series from the film, as well as Kungfu Panda Mini Street View that incorporate movie-inspired cuisine.

During the exhibition, Pantasy 's booth attracted overwhelming attention, with numerous toy enthusiasts and professional buyers stopping by to admire and actively engage in purchasing, discussing and giving high recognition to Pantasy building block products. The successful appearance at this exhibition undoubtedly boosted the brand image and market share of Pantasy in the global toy market, and marks a promising start and development opportunity for the new year.

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