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Astro Boy | Reviving Thrilling Memories of Childhood and Igniting Dreams and Aspirations for Technology


In 2021, the announcement of collaboration between Pantasy and classic anime IP "Astro Boy" brings back beautiful childhood memories for many fans. Astro Boy, as a heroic icon spanning the generations, leaves a significant and lasting impression. Centered around this IP, Pantasy has launched a series of high-quality building block products that are well-received in the market.

1. Original Semi-Mechanical Design - Mechanical Astro Boy


This is Pantasy’s first Astro Boy series product, which became an instant hit upon its release, emerging as the top-selling domestic building block item of the year. The pioneering semi-mechanical design sets a trend for semi-mechanical building blocks.

In the process of crafting this product, Pantasy team adopted an innovative semi-mechanical design concept, intending to both preserve the original characteristics of Astro Boy and endow it with a mechanical and trendy coolness.

The Astro Boy set is innovatively divided into two parts. The left side meticulously recreates the original figure of Astro Boy; the right side boldly introduces complex mechanical structures, using transparent or silver-sprayed building block pieces to reveal Astro Boy's intricate internal machinery. This transparent effect displays a strong sense of technology and mechanical aesthetics, which garnered the admiration of numerous building block enthusiasts as soon as it was launched, leading the trend of semi-mechanical building blocks.

2. Classic Continuation - Astro Boy Awakening Moment


The first version of the Astro Boy achieved remarkable sales results and a warm reception from consumers. Pantasy sensed profound affection and eager anticipation for Astro Boy from fans. To respond to the enthusiasm and support of everyone, after a year, Pantasy launched the sequel ‘Astro Boy Awakening Moment’.

Drawing inspiration from the scene in the anime where Dr. Tenma “revives” Astro Boy, the new creation depicts the research laboratory in the Ministry of Science, where Astro Boy's robotic body is officially activated amidst the thunderous electricity thanks to Dr. Tenma's relentless efforts. As Astro Boy is awake, all new stories and adventures are unfolded stealthily...

3. "Boundless Imagination, Fearless Innovation" — Astro Boy Pure White Version


The timeless anime "Astro Boy" delves into the harmonious coexistence between technology and humanity, as well as the relationship between artificial intelligence and human society. It conveys to audiences around the world a spirit that dares to explore the unknown and persist in innovation. The decision by Dr. Tenma to create Astro Boy embodies the determination and courage of scientists when faced with ethical dilemmas of technology and social responsibility. He firmly believes that the power of technology can bring positive effects, and endowing Astro Boy with emotions and a sense of purpose beyond his mechanical nature.

The Astro Boy Transparent Mecha Artist Version introduced by Pantasy encapsulates this spirit at its core, aiming to embolden every block builder to experience the joy of creation during the assembly process in real life. It is designed to spark their curiosity about the unknown world, and fostering an attitude of fearlessness in confronting challenges and embracing innovation.

4. "Stylish and Cool Youngster, Free as the Wind" - Astroboy Skateboard Boy


Astro Boy, the little robot who symbolizes justice and bravery, has always inspired us with his selfless and fearless spirit. He has stepped forward countless times to guard world peace, carrying the heavy duty of protecting the Earth as the son of science. Yet, in the 21st century, he might have shed that identity.

In this brand-new era, Astro Boy might be enjoying a carefree life, donning a retro-style blue hoodie and a striking pair of red boots, gliding through city streets on his skateboard. He is no longer the hero burdened with defending against evil forces, but a street kid who loves life and pursues freedom.

Since the collaboration, the Astro Boy series of products have all achieved remarkable results.

During 2021 Tmall Double Eleven Event, Pantasy "Astro Boy Skateboard Boy" were sold out 10,000 pre-order sets in advance, securing a place in Tmall's Little Black Box TOP100 new product of the year. Additionally, due to its outstanding sales performance and innovative lead in design trend, it was awarded the title of the Best-Selling Domestic Building Blocks Item of the Year in 2022, and [Pinqi Astro Boy] became the first keyword recognized by numerous players for Pantasy. In 2022 Tmall Double Eleven Event, the follow-up series Pantasy "Astro Boy Awakening Moment" claimed the top spot in pre-sale revenue among domestic building block sets.

Looking forward, Pantasy will continue to uphold the spirit of passion and craftsmanship, meticulously refining every piece they create, using creativity and quality to narrate shared stories that resonate with all building block enthusiasts.
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