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Saint Seiya丨Reimagining the Classic with Craftsmanship, Paying Homage to our Passionate Childhood


In 2022, PANTASY Bricks with the classic anime masterpiece "Saint Seiya," an alliance that undeniably struck a chord with a vast number of players .  "Saint Seiya" has exerted an age-transcending allure and profound influence, crafting the indomitable and dauntless hero figure of its protagonist, Seiya, whose image is etched into the hearts of countless individuals, serving as a symbolic representation of steadfast belief and courage in the face of adversity.

PANTASY Bricks, with its keen insight into this emotional resonance, dedicated substantial efforts to research and develop a series of building block sets themed around "Saint Seiya." The aim was to meticulously restore the cherished character designs and iconic battle scenes from the original work through exceptional craftsmanship. 

1. Saint Seiya Sagittarius


As a monumental epic creation by PANTASY, and also the first-ever officially licensed brick-built peripheral under the authorization of "Saint Seiya," this masterpiece standing at an impressive 47 centimeters tall adheres strictly to the proportions found in the original manga, focusing on the iconic portrayal of Seiya donning the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. It presents collectors with a prestigious and profoundly meaningful piece for their treasured collections.

During production, PANTASY showcased unprecedented ingenuity and dedication. To accurately restore the intricate and opulent appearance of the sacred armor, they eschewed conventional building blocks and invested heavily in custom-made gold-colored pieces of various shapes and sizes. Employing hand-applied gold spraying techniques, they endowed the product with a metallic luster and a sandblasted texture. Ingeniously integrating ball joints and technical components at the articulation points, they ensured that Seiya could fluidly exhibit a variety of combat poses, vividly reviving his fearless and valiant demeanor.

Throughout the design process, the team underwent countless iterations of redesigns and scrapping earlier versions, investing heavily in molds and repeatedly refining the structure and coloration. These exhaustive efforts were aimed solely at achieving the ultimate refinement of the Gold Saint's armor. This series of no-expense-spared endeavors exemplifies PANTASY's relentless pursuit of product quality and artistic excellence down to the minutest detail.


This particular set stands as a paragon of innovation, transcending the limitations of traditional toy building blocks by ingeniously merging the joy of constructing with the aesthetic appreciation typically associated with figurines. 


2. Pegasus Seiya


Inspired by the iconic scene where Seiya executes the "Pegasus Meteor Fist," the doll design allows for flexible and varied poses, enabling users to effortlessly restore the diverse combat stances assumed by Seiya when unleashing this formidable technique, thereby vividly capturing those thrilling, timeless moments.

Complemented by a translucent blue acrylic backdrop intricately infused with Pegasus constellation elements, it artfully simulates the meteoric swiftness and awe-inspiring intensity of the "Pegasus Meteor Fist" attack, significantly enhancing the overall visual impact and collectible display value.

The silver armor sections feature exquisite silver spray painting techniques, with all patterns across the body meticulously printed, ensuring precise replication of every detail. This stays true to the original narrative, faithfully reproducing the passionate spirit imbued in the Saints of "Saint Seiya."

 3. Golden Saint Seiya Series


PANTASY, in partnership with "Saint Seiya," launched an officially licensed collection of Gold Saint building block sets, taking inspiration from the six most popular Gold Saints. These carefully crafted tributes combine nostalgic appeal with collectible value, presenting each character on a sturdy base adorned with their respective zodiac sign emblem. Whether for interactive play or static display, these sets uniquely highlight the captivating charm of each individual character.


Upon its debut, PANTASY's Saint Seiya series garnered high praise and enthusiastic response from both industry insiders and the broader community. Among them, the Saint Seiya sets stood out particularly, attracting attention not only because they meticulously recreated the deeply ingrained iconic scenes from the classic anime IP "Saint Seiya," reigniting the pure childhood beliefs in justice, courage, and conviction within people's hearts, but also due to the unwavering commitment to innovation and relentless exploration spirit that PANTASY brand embodies in its products.

The PANTASY team dared to challenge convention and break away from established frameworks in building block design, pouring immense effort and resources into realizing their vision of an artistic-grade construction set. Their meticulous pursuit of detail, stringent quality control standards, and profound understanding and accurate grasp of the essence of the anime IP were all fully manifested in the Saint Seiya building block sets. 


You need to create the other 6 golden saints.


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