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São Paulo PUERI EXPO | Pantasy’s Limitless Creativity and Dazzling Showcase



From April 23rd to 25th, 2024, the largest baby and children's products exhibition in Latin America – the São Paulo PUERI EXPO took place at the São Paulo Expo Center Norte, attracting exhibitors and professional visitors from around the globe.


During the event, Pantasy stood out as a highlight with its creatively designed building block sets featuring popular IPs such as Kung Fu Panda, Le Petit Prince, Astro Boy, Saint Seiya, and Popeye, earning widespread attention and praise.


Of particular note was Pantasy's exhibit of the new Kung Fu Panda series, officially licensed by Universal Pictures, which coincided with the release of Kung Fu Panda 4. These brick sets swiftly captured the attention of attendees, with the debut of the movie's new character Zhen in her brick form as part of Pantasy's Sitting baby series being a delightful surprise. The collection, which also includes Po, Master Shifu, Tigress, is meticulously crafted, each figure vividly brought to life, enchanting both movie fans and brick enthusiasts alike.


The Kung Fu Panda·Dragon Warrior Spring Festival Special Edition seamlessly integrates traditional Chinese New Year elements with the fantastical world of Kung Fu Panda, featuring a training scene from the film as the base and a Po figure wearing a tiger-head hat, symbolizing good fortune for the New Year.

The Kung Fu Panda·Mini Street View innovatively combines movie characters with traditional Chinese food themes. With Po's bun shop, Master Shifu's tea house, Zhen's noodle shop, and Tigress's fruit stand, each miniature scene feels alive, evoking the aroma of delicious food and forming a charming mini Chinese food street.


Furthermore, Pantasy's Le Petit Prince series gained significant attention at the exhibition with its creatively reimagined scenes and rich Little Prince-themed elements. Drawing inspiration from the universally loved fairy tale, the series offers a range of blocks infused with profound meanings and aesthetic value, captivating fans of Le Petit Prince.


Notably, the Le Petit Prince Suitcase Hourglass ingeniously incorporates the symbolism of time's passage into its design, recreating classic scenes from the story within the sands of time. The Le Petit Prince Suitcase invites exploration in a microcosm, encapsulating the prince's cosmic adventure with every opening. Meanwhile, the Le Petit Prince  Rose& Wheat Field vividly brings key elements of the tale to life, making the entire fairy tale world seemingly leap off the surface.

Throughout the exhibition, Pantasy's booth drew substantial interest from brick enthusiasts. Their innovative products sparked keen interest among visitors, leading to active purchases and cooperation discussions. This not only signifies recognition for Pantasy's innovative designs but also reflects the brand's potential for growth in the global toy industry.

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