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Sherlock Holmes丨 Paying homage to the Legend, Paying Homage to the Legend, Back to the British Investigative Journey


In 2021, Pantasy partnered with the world-renowned detective masterpiece "Sherlock Holmes," transcending temporal boundaries to transform this literary gem into tangible building brick art, offering an immersive British investigative journey to ardent fans of the iconic detective.

Although Arthur Conan Doyle, the original author, has been deceased for over 90 years, with copyright laws in most countries placing the work in the public domain, Pantasy remained steadfast in its veneration for the spirit of originality, and proactively reached out to the Conan Doyle Estate, descendants of the author, securing a comprehensive IP license with sincerity and respect. This move demonstrated Pantasy's profound respect for the author's legacy and its unwavering commitment to upholding legitimate licensing practices.


1. Sherlock Holmes 221B


The first Sherlock Holmes-themed building block set, meticulously restoring Sherlock Holmes' 221B Baker Street - the main hall, kitchen, and Holmes' bedroom, representing the core living spaces with utmost precision in block artistry. It also includes four key character minifigurines - Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty, aiming to provide players with an immersive experience and high collectible value.


Remaining steadfastly faithful to the spirit of the source material, designers have meticulously attended to every scene detail, striving to evoke an atmospherically transporting narrative environment. In the hallway, the timeless tableau of Holmes and Watson engaged in a contemplative exchange on the sofa is artfully frozen, as if time stands still, inviting players to step into the very space where the investigative duo's minds converge. The kitchen area is laden with an array of instruments used by Holmes for his experimental analyses, vividly exposing the heart of his scientific method of detection.


Beyond these core settings, the set is peppered with a host of instantly recognizable signature motifs. The skull model above the fireplace, the stag head mounted on the wall, handguns, typewriters, metronomes, and other paraphernalia adorning tabletops each serve as silent storytellers, evoking the gripping tales of intrigue that unfolded within these walls. Miniaturized replicas of paintings, scattered letters from clients nestled in corners, and such minutiae further function as narrative threads woven throughout, stirring recollections of cherished plotlines from the original canon.

2. Baker Street 221B Apartment


In 2024, Pantasy launched "Sherlock Holmes: 221B Baker Street Apartment," the second officially licensed "Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories" brick set endorsed by the Conan Doyle Estate Foundation. This collector-grade street view brick masterpiece delves deep into the original work's essence, meticulously weaving together a multidimensional narrative tapestry that interlaces Victorian English charm with suspenseful detective intrigue.

Designed with a four-tier detachable structure, this intricate model flawlessly restore the architectural style of Victorian England, teeming with abundant internal details that bring to life iconic scenes from classic cases such as "The Sign of Four," "A Study in Scarlet," and "The Hound of the Baskervilles."


  • GF : Café & Hidden Treasures 


The set restores the atmospheric 221B café from the stories, immersing players in a richly nostalgic British vintage ambiance. Concealed within the staircase lies the treasure from "The Sign of Four," along with a carriage model from "A Study in Scarlet," which ingeniously houses a crucial piece of evidence – the ring that unveils the truth.


  • 1F : Drawing Room & Laboratory Kitchen 


The drawing room presents the instantly recognizable arrangement of Holmes and Watson seated across from one another on the sofa, while the kitchen transforms into a makeshift laboratory, its shelves brimming with bottles and test tubes, vividly embodying the rigorous scientific approach to sleuthing.

  • 2F: Holmes' Bedrooms & Watson's Bedrooms 


Each protagonist's personal quarters bear distinctive characteristics. Holmes' room features a clue-laden wall adorned with portraits of Mycroft and "the woman," surrounded by scattered newspapers and his cherished cello standing tall. In contrast, Watson's room exudes warmth, with a tender love letter to Miss Morstan taking center stage.


The set is accompanied by five intricately crafted minifigures, each accessorized with distinctive props befitting their respective roles, empowering players to personally reenact the pulse-pounding moments of investigation. Moreover, the set boasts over 60 exquisitely printed bricks, for example Watson's photograph with Miss Morstan, the original love letters and paintings depicting the atmosphere of London. These embellishments infuse every minute detail with a sense of narrative depth and delightful discovery, effectively transforming the set into a buildable, three-dimensional "novel."


3. Sherlock Holmes And Dr.Watson


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the two timeless characters, make a stunning debut in their brick form, meticulously capturing their distinctive personas. The intricacy of the building blocks brings these minifigures to life, as if leaping from the pages of the books into a three-dimensional realm. Accompanying the sets are exclusive accessories tailor-made for each character: Sherlock's deerstalker hat, pipe, and magnifying glass, and Watson's medical paraphernalia, all deeply etched to accentuate their respective roles and infuse a rich sense of narrative immersion.



Through the Sherlock Holmes series building block products, Pantasy has successfully transformed the detective world depicted by the Arthur Conan Doyle from text to physical models, achieving a perfect fusion of literature and toy art. Whether it's the meticulous replication of 221B Baker Street or the three-dimensional narrative of the street scene, it vividly showcases the legendary charm of Holmes and Watson, creating a dreamlike detective paradise for Sherlock fans worldwide, which is both collectible and interactive. These works not only pay homage to the classics but also innovate and carry forward the spirit of the original works, allowing every player to revisit those unforgettable stories and experience the journey of British detective work where wisdom and courage intertwine during the assembly process.


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