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EXPO丨Pantasy Brings Steampunk New Releases to Shine at Nuremberg International Toy Fair


From 30th January to 3rd February 2024, the world's most popular international toy fair was held in Nuremberg, Germany. Pantasy made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition with a number of popular officially licensed products such as Le Petit Prince, Astro Boy, Saint Seiya, Popeye, Kung Fu Panda and other unique original steampunk and retro collection products.

Since its inception in 1949, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair has developed into the world's largest and most influential trade event for the toy industry, bringing together thousands of toy manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world every year, with exhibits covering a wide range of fields from traditional toys to electronic toys, educational toys, toys for babies and young children as well as all kinds of authorised products. It is an important bridge for new product releases in the industry, as well as a trend-setter in the global toy market and for communication and interaction in the industry.

At the exhibition, Pantasy displayed its original steampunk series - Steampunk Clock Tower Park and Steampunk Railway Station. These two innovatively designed sets are highly sought after by enthusiasts and highly appreciated by collectors all over the world due to their unique steampunk art style and clever fusion of industrial aesthetics and futuristic technological elements.

Among them, the Steampunk Clock Tower Park is inspired by the Big Ben, with the 57cm high clock tower standing like a landmark building, while the exposed gear structure and transparent window design give the clock tower a strong steampunk style. What's even more impressive is that the real "movement" inside allows the building block to rotate like a real clock, making it highly creative and valuable to watch.

The Steampunk Railway Station attracted a lot of attention with its precise and complex mechanical linkage structure and delicate and rich details. It adopts an innovative expandable design, which not only makes the entrance of the train station more shocking visually, but also opens the door to an otherworldly world during the process of pulling open the unfolding process, which brings the players an immersive experience of otherworldly travelling in a unique scene of glamour.

In addition, Pantasy also displayed the new Kung Fu Panda series at the exhibition. This series of products deeply explores the classic scenes, character images and traditional Chinese cultural elements in the Kung Fu Panda film, and vividly restores the world of the film in reality through creative design and exquisite craftsmanship.

The exhibits include "Kung Fu Panda -Spring Festival Special Edition", "Kung Fu Panda Sitting Baby Series", which is a large-scale building blocks for the festive season, "Kung Fu Panda Mini-Street View ", which is a tabletop display with exquisite reproductions of the characters of the film, demonstrating the excellent quality of Pantasy's building blocks and its unique design concepts.

In this global toy industry event, Pantasy not only demonstrated the brand's unique choice of creative themes through its original steampunk series of new products, but also promoted traditional Chinese culture with the upcoming Kung Fu Panda series of products.

These ingenious products further consolidate Pantasy's leading position in the global toy market and signify that toy design will focus more on cross-border integration and cultural connotations in the future. With its imaginative series of products, Pantasy has inspired players with unlimited creativity and emotional resonance, which makes us look forward to the prosperity and development of the toy market in the future.

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