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Le Petit Prince | Restoring the Classic Fairy Tale, Interpreting the Philosophy of Growth with Creative Innovation


In 2022, Pantasy collaborated with the universally adored romantic fairy tale Le Petit Prince to create a series of thought-provoking and aesthetically rich building block sets that re-imagine the classic elements from the tale. This collection has been well-received by fans of Le Petit Prince for its intricate designs and profound story-telling qualities. Notably, Le Petit Prince·The Only Rose ranked No.1 on TikTok E-commerce's list of best-selling building block toys in the same year.


1.Le Petit Prince  Eternity Series


  • Le Petit Prince The Only Rose

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Le Petit Prince, Pantasy launched the inaugural piece of Le Petit Prince Eternity Series—Le Petit Prince·The Only Rose. This set centers around the Little Prince and his cherished rose, artfully illustrating the Little Prince's tender guardianship through building blocks. Designers innovatively incorporated a high-transparent glass dome, enhancing the romantic ambiance and facilitating collectors' display.

  • Le Petit Prince Time Travel

Making extensive use of gear elements to symbolize the passage of time, this set also features a lamplighter representing the Little Prince's watchful waiting.

  • Le Petit Prince On The Planet

 Constructed with transparent blocks to form a galactic backdrop, this model depicts the Little Prince and his rose nestled together on planet B612, emphasizing their enduring companionship.

  • Le Petit Prince The Journey 

Vividly portraying the Little Prince setting out on his adventure, the scene shows him gazing into the distance with a telescope while standing before the baobab trees of his home planet B612. The planet and airship motifs ingeniously adorn the base, signifying the Little Prince's departure from B612 and the start of his travels.

2.The Littele Prince & Mini Le Petit Prince


Pantasy introduced two brick figures based on the iconic characters from Le Petit Prince: the Little Prince and Mini Le Petit Prince. Both figures meticulously restore the hallmark details of the character, such as his shining golden hair reminiscent of waves in a wheat field. The Little Prince stands at an impressive height of 17.8cm and features 360-degree rotatable ball joints, allowing for lifelike movement. Meanwhile, the Mini Le Petit Prince  comes with a rose and a planetary-themed base, evoking a strong sense of fairy tale atmosphere and narrating the Little Prince's interstellar journey and devoted care for his rose.

3.Le Petit Prince  Balloon


Pantasy’s Le Petit Prince balloon set is an innovative product that seamlessly combines the enchanting fairy tale narrative with practical functionality. It vividly restores the image of the Little Prince embarking on a starry voyage filled with dreams and love aboard a balloon. More than just a model, it doubles as a cozy night light, when switched on, the interior lights illuminate the build, casting a glow like speckles of starlight piercing through clouds, filling your room with romance and warmth from the world of fairy tales.

4.Le Petit Prince Airplane Bookend & Tree House Pen Holder


Pantasy chose two iconic scenes from Le Petit Prince story - the remarkable encounter between the pilot and the Little Prince in the desert, and the whimsical baobab trees on planet B612 - to restore them innovatively as building blocks, thus creating two charmingly playful and practical desktop sets: the Airplane Bookend and the Tree house Pen Holder. The Airplane  bookend, inspired by the desert meeting scene, combines aesthetics with functionality, helping to organize books; while the treehouse pen holder, shaped like a cute baobab tree, offers a unique and delightful resting place for everyday stationery.

5.Le Petit Prince Suitcase


This product ingeniously utilizes a foldable design. Upon opening the suitcase, two heartwarming scenes from the story are vividly brought to life. A starry night sky unfolds where the Little Prince sits around a campfire sharing his stories with the fox; his upward gaze at the stars reflects his profound love for the unique rose on his distant planet. Assembling this set allows users to rediscover their long-forgotten innocence, immersing themselves in the dreamy poetic world of Le Petit Prince, experiencing the timeless charm of its fairy tale essence that transcends space and time.

6.Le Petit Prince Hourglass


Time bestows upon us its most precious gift – the stories and experiences that mark our paths of growth. Just as the Little Prince roamed the cosmos to understand the value of love and responsibility, we also evolve through our individual adventures. Drawing inspiration from this, Pantasy has innovatively incorporated the symbolic design of an hourglass representing the passage of time into the product. It intricately restores three classic scenes from Le Petit Prince in building bricks - the interstellar journey, the fateful encounter with the fox in the secret garden, and the Little Prince's cherished rose - embedding these scenes within the flowing sands of time, forever capturing these moments.

7.Le Petit Prince Rose & Wheat Field


This product is uniquely crafted in a 3D relief art form, vividly restoring iconic elements from Le Petit Prince: a lifelike 3D rose bouquet meticulously portrays the emotional bond between the Little Prince and his rose, while the healing-themed wheat field landscape subtly represents his deep friendship with the fox. The design cleverly utilizes multi-layered structures inherent in building blocks to refine every detail, making the entire fairy tale world appear to leap off the page. Additionally, it comes equipped with an adjustable stand, serving as a decorative piece for desks.


Pantasy's Le Petit Prince series extracts timeless elements from the fairy tale, ingeniously reconstructing creative scenarios and integrating details to reinterpret the core themes of love, friendship, responsibility, and growth in the form of building blocks. Each item in the series embodies the essence of Le Petit Prince story and showcases Pantasy Building Blocks' distinctive creativity and superior craftsmanship, acting as a bridge to the magical world of the fairy tale. Through hands-on assembly, players deepen their understanding and reflection of Le Petit Prince.

Looking forward, Pantasy Building Blocks will continue to develop new products based on the classic IP of Le Petit Prince, using the art of building blocks to restore the genuine emotions and philosophical depth within the story. Sincerely, they hope that users can experience the pure joy of childhood, feel the love, friendship, and growth woven into the narrative, and also find solace and spiritual strength in real life through engaging with these creations inspired by the world of fairy tales.

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