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Paladin丨 Merging Game and Reality to Revisit the Timeless Memories of "The Legend of Sword and Fairy I"


In early 2023, Pantasy partnered with the renowned game IP, "Legend of Sword and Fairy I," for a deep collaboration, an act that functioned as a key unlocking a treasure trove of long-forgotten classic memories in the hearts of many players.


1. Paladin·90s PC Game


This building block set is the first officially licensed peripheral product of the "Legend of Sword and Fairy I" franchise, unveiled on the occasion of the game's 28th anniversary, endowing it with high collectible value.

The Pantasy design team exhibited exceptional originality, not content with merely replicating static scenes from the game. Instead, they cleverly selected a retro-style computer as the medium to represent four unforgettable classic scenes from "Sword and Fairy I" in three dimensions. With intricate brick craftsmanship, they created four lively 3D mini-scenes: Li Xiaoyao's bedroom, the iconic first meeting with Zhao Ling'er by the lotus pond, Lin Yueru's martial arts competition, and the first encounter with Anu in the Shenmu Forest. These engaging vignettes were ingeniously embedded within the brick-built monitor and CPU tower models, successfully invoking a strong sense of nostalgia for the golden era of single-player PC games among fans.


The set's highlight lies in its skillfully integrated interactive mechanisms, offering true playability to the brick-built “computer.” Users can switch among three different display modes to fit various narrative contexts, adding increased enjoyment and exploratory interest. The product is fully equipped with a range of minifigures, featuring five core characters in nine unique designs tailored to different story arcs. To maintain scene coherence and narrative flow, the same character may appear multiple times across different settings to meet the demands of each scenario, enabling collectors to fully engage with and recreate the iconic memories of "The Legend of Sword and Fairy I" through assembling and displaying this elaborate set.


2. Paladin Mini Series


Also released in celebration of the game’s 28th anniversary is the  the Chinese Paladin Mini Series. This collection includes building block figures of four beloved game characters: Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling'er, Lin Yueru, and Anu, precisely replicating their classic looks and vibrant personalities as portrayed in the game. This building block set, with its detailed design and faithful recreation of the original work, is particularly popular among those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, making it an ideal choice for revisiting cherished dreams and emotional investment.

Upon its release,  Paladin Series received broad acclaim from builders, with the phrase "Youth Rediscovered" capturing the essence of countless gamers' journey back to their martial arts chivalry and rekindling of their initial dreams. Leveraging its unique artistic vision and exceptional product development capabilities, Pantasy has artistically deconstructed and physically reshaped the iconic elements from "The Legend of Sword and Fairy I." This approach allows fans to once again connect with the Wuxia sentiments that profoundly touched their hearts, reigniting those original dreams and passions.

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