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EXPO丨Pantasy Makes a Stunning Debut at the ASD Market Week, Strengthening Global Brand Influence.


During the prestigious American Autumn Consumer and Gift Show, held from August 20th to August 23rd at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Pantasy showcased an impressive lineup of officially licensed products and original products. At this event representing the latest trends and technological advancements in the global consumer goods and gift industry, Pantasy emerged as a standout with its innovative designs and high quality , further solidifying and enhancing its position in the international market.


In this exhibition, Pantasy displayed a variety of building block sets officially licensed by several internationally renowned IPs, including iconic anime such as 'Astro Boy', 'Saint Seiya', 'Popeye', and literary classics like 'The Little Prince'. Among these, two heavyweight releases garnered significant enthusiasm and high praise from attendees at the exhibition.

Pantasy's Saint Seiya Sagittarius, created in conjunction with the 37th anniversary of "Saint Seiya", is an epic work of art. Standing at 47 centimeters tall, this set strictly adheres to the proportions of the original manga. To accurately and vividly depict every detail of the Saints' armor, Pantasy abandoned conventional building block pieces, instead opting for specially customized parts with a distinctive golden finish, reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and artistic excellence. This product innovatively breaks the confines of traditional building block toys by ingeniously combining the art of building blocks with figurine aesthetics, resulting in a finished piece that offers both the joy of assembly and exceptional visual appeal and collectibility.

Pantasy's officially licensed Popeye Treasure Hunt Steamship was particularly eye-catching. This set reproduces the classic image of a steamship from the 1960s era, meticulously replicating numerous animated details. It incorporates multiple interlinked structures and rich interactive scenarios, coupled with lively minifigures that allow players to build various fun scenes, significantly boosting the playability and collectible value of the product.

At the exhibition, a multitude of visitors eagerly purchased Pantasy 's building block products and expressed universal appreciation for their quality and design. The positive feedback Pantasy received at the exhibition not only validated its persistent pursuit of innovative design concepts and robust product development capabilities within the building blocks but also laid a strong foundation for expanding into overseas markets and deepening its international strategy.

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