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Modular Building丨Building Blocks for an Ideal World


Beyond the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, there lies a quiet haven for building block enthusiasts. They indulge at their fingertips in a span of square inches, heartily constructing micro yet vivid streetscape worlds, shaping their ideal utopia with imagination and creativity.

The Pantasy design team, composed of block enthusiasts, harbors dreams and persistence for the original streetscape series, committed to replicating the unique elegance of buildings from around the globe through blocks. We hope that, in the journey of piecing together, players can gradually unveil the mystery of different architectural styles, feel the profound cultural connotations behind them, and experience the cultural charm from distant lands.



Constructing an Ideal Living Landmark: Pantasy Modular Building is inspired by small European-style house as the design blueprint. It innovatively integrates the concept of healthy living by cleverly combining a bakery, gym, and living space, creating the ideal living space for bakery owners.


Four separate spaces build up your dream home:

  • GF(European Bakery): The air in the bakery is permeated with the rich aroma of French baguettes and doughnuts, with a diverse range of hand-baked breads available around the clock.


  • 1F (Energetic Fitness Area): Modeled after a real gym standard, it's equipped with a full set of weight training equipment, an aerobic activity area, and boxing class sections. There are also advanced body measurement devices available, bringing a healthy lifestyle within reach.


  • 2F (Comfortable Living Residence): An elegant European-style room featuring a soft, comfortable bed, a large sofa, and a quiet desk, all complemented by a patio design that opens to the outdoors, providing an opportunity to appreciate the quietly good times.


  • TF(Urban Sky Garden): This verdant urban oasis teems with birdsong and flowers, and seems like a hidden paradise in the city, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of nature while reveling in the philosophy of a green lifestyle amid the city bustle.

2.Forest Cabin


Creative Forest Cabin, Reviving Warmth with Vintage Timber Charm:Inspired by North American forest cabins transformed from barns, the design is permeated with a rich raw wood texture, showcasing an atmosphere of natural simplicity and cozy comfort. It's furnished with an array of rich and intricately detailed lifestyle scene components that make one feel as though they are in the quiet, tranquil depths of the forest, far from the noise, experiencing the beauty of a life story returning to nature.


Two-Story Spatial Design, Interpreting the Aesthetics of Living: The ground floor serves as the core of the home, with the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom, rekindling the everyday warmth of family life. Upon ascending to the second floor, one finds a tranquil reading nook and an entertaining game area, comprehensively catering to leisure and recreational pursuits. Moreover, it features an open-air courtyard and BBQ facilities, enriching the pastoral ambiance. Large transparent windows adorn the side walls, perfectly showcasing every exquisite interior detail.


Quick-Disassemble Structure for Effortless Display and Play:The quick-disassemble design allows for a simple lift-off of the roof to reveal the intricate inner workings. The two levels separate with ease, allowing players to freely explore and personally arrange every corner, significantly amplifying the pleasure of hands-on play and immersive experience."

Pantasy Modular Building not only showcases a variety of architectural aesthetics, but also carries a rich cultural connotation. From the elegant European bakery to the simple and natural North American forest cabin, each block tells a different regional story.

Since the products were unveiled one by one, they have received wide acclaim, and players have praised them as "a world tour at your fingertips." In every moment of building, they not only experience the diverse styles of architectural art but also immerse themselves in the vastness and subtlety of exotic cultures, realizing a dual exploration of the mind and vision.

In this ever-changing era, the Pantasy Modular Building series is like a series of quiet islands, providing a resting place for busy minds. In the simple actions of stacking and combining, one finds a precious peace and self-healing. It not only constructs the beauty of a micro-world but also creates a bridge to tranquility and imagination for modern people, allowing everyone to regain inner peace and purity in the fantasy world of blocks in the hustle and bustle of life.

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