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Retro Collection丨Bringing Back Warm Memories of the Good Old Days with Objects from the Past


In the era of rapid technological advancement where the pace of product upgrades and iterations is accelerating, those old objects that carry warm childhood memories seem to gradually fade from sight. Although the passage of time has taken us away from our carefree days, those old items, stamped with the mark of bygone times, encapsulate precious fragments of our growth journey.

In response to this sentiment, Pantasy has crafted a unique Retro Audio-Visual product series, aiming to pay tribute to the classics and awaken the beautiful moments that lie dormant in the depths of our recollections.


1.Vintage Television&Retro Television


In an era not yet saturated with digital devices, the television was the centerpiece of family entertainment, representing collective cherished memories. As night fell, the family would gather around the television, eagerly anticipating each exciting show. That simple and pure joy is unforgettable. To revisit this simple and unforgettable joy, Pantasy has ingeniously designed and launched two emotionally evocative products: the Vintage Television and the Retro Television.

  • The Retro Video Time Machine


Pantasy has wholeheartedly crafted two unique products steeped in emotional memory — the Vintage Television and the Retro Television. These creations instantly transport one back to the innocent days of childhood. They not only faithfully recreate the appearance of old-fashioned television sets but also break through the physical barriers of building blocks with the exquisite design, offering an interactive experience with the product.

By inserting a smartphone into the dedicated space inside the set, along with the custom "glass screen," the static brick model instantly transforms into a vivid and realistic retro video time machine. It artfully reproduces the sightly warm and stretched old film texture of the 80s. Coupled with the nostalgic sound flowing from the speaker system at the base, it transports one back in time to the life scenarios of the 1980s, reconnecting one with the unique charm and sentimentality of the past.

  • Dynamic Creative Decor


Moreover, beyond carrying nostalgic memories, the Retro Television set has been elevated into a unique piece of desktop art. By simply swapping the background cardboard and gently turning the large knob on the TV, the interior will display a mysterious and abundant deep-sea scene. Accompanied by lifelike splashes and the small fish swimming around, it forms a three-dimensional and narrative painting that infuses a strong sense of nostalgia and art into the modern living.

2.Retro 90s PC


Time flies, and those old computers that accompanied our growth have recorded the laughter of childhood and the enlightenment of wisdom. Today, Pantasy Retro Computer set allows us to relive the precious computer dreams in a small corner of our homes. This set of blocks carries a profound significance of an era and is designed to unveil the dusty memories, rediscovering that pure and simple joy.

This set recreate the iconic computer styles that were popular worldwide in the 1990s, with every detail filled with nostalgia and homage to the past. With a gentle press, the building block module flips ingeniously, bringing the classic Minesweeper game, reconstructing that familiar game interface in the form of building bricks.

When opening the simulated computer case, the key hardware components such as the graphics card, motherboard, and CPU heat sink are all vividly presented in the form of building blocks, inviting you to experience the mystery of the PC firsthand during the assembly process and enjoy the charm of technology and the pleasure of problem-solving.


3.Retro Projector


The old-fashioned projector holds treasured memories for many people. The beam of light from the projector cuts through the darken sky, a temporary screen was set up in a town square or a rural clearing, while children gathered around and sat together, forming a unique cinematic experience of that era.


Pantasy Retro Projector not only reproduces the distinct charm and intricate 20th century design of old-fashioned film projectors but also serve as a heartfelt homage to the golden age of film movies.

Impressively, unlike ordinary static sets, Pantasy innovatively integrates an operational playback feature into the Retro Projector. Once assembled, players can use the accompanying mini-film props to simulate an actual projector mechanism by turning the hand-crank clockwise. 

This action achieves an effect similar to real film projection, making miniature images come alive. This design greatly enhances interactivity and immersive experience of the product, enabling players to construct a beautiful retro projector model and also personally stage a movie memory show on a micro scale.


4.Retro Gramophone 


In the past, the retro gramophone preserves countless touching moments; the gentle touch of the needle against the vinyl awakened soul-stirring melodies. In pursuit of this deeply treasured happiness, Pantasy launches the Retro Gramophone set.


This set delicately recreates the elegant image of a classic gramophone, adopting warm hues of yellow-brown to create a strong retro style that seems to allow one to touch the temperature and texture of time. In terms of functionality, it ingeniously mimics the playback process of a gramophone. By simply placing the exquisitely made building block vinyl record under the needle and gently turning the handle, players are instantly transported back to the golden age of music.

In this fast-paced technological where where rapidly evolving products continuously refresh our lives, the nostalgia for the good old days has never been diminished. Pantasy has keenly captured this sentiment, creating a series of retro audiovisual building block products with dedication, successfully garnering warm market responses and emotional resonance. For instance, the  Vintage Television set achieved over 2000 sales in single-day sales on its Douyin debut, becoming the top-selling product in the toy category on Douyin in terms of single-day sales revenue.


Many users who shared their experiences mentioned that Pantasy Retro Collection not only provide a pleasant assembly process, but also guide them back to warm and precious old times during each meticulous construction, allowing them to find a haven of tranquility in their hectic modern lifestyles.

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